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Press Releases, 08/02/2017 | Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

A quiz and a hundred results in development cooperation to mark Finland’s centennial development

Press release 28/2017
8 February 2017

The century-old Finland has provided more development aid than it has received for half of the duration of its independence. To honour the achievement, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has produced a quiz entitled #Suomi100 & the world and will report 100 results in its development cooperation activities in the course of the year.

#Suomi100 & the world is a quiz to test your knowledge of independent Finland’s role as a global actor. For example: who were the first Finns engaged in development cooperation? Is the right answer a) missionaries, b) students, c) Martti Ahtisaari and Jaakko Iloniemi, or d) Freemansons?

The quiz focuses on Finland’s development cooperation and its achievements, but there are also questions related to Finland’s other activities in the area of foreign policy.

You can answer to 15 questions out of the total hundred at a time. #Suomi100 & the world quiz can be accessed on the website of the Foreign Ministry’s Kehitys-Utveckling magazine at quiz belongs to Finland’s centenary celebration programme.

Ten of the questions deal with Finland’s own development. According to a survey by Taloustutkimus, 57% of the Finns know when Finland started to provide more development aid than it received. The turning point occurred nearly 50 years ago, in 1968.

The Finns’ knowledge of the history of their country's own development is clearly poorer. Only four per cent of the respondents to the survey, conducted by Taloustutkimus, estimated correctly the child mortality rate around Finland’s independence: it was by far higher than in Somalia today. Finland’s child mortality rate over a hundred years ago was higher than in any of Finland’s partner countries in development cooperation today.

100 achievements in development cooperation

Development activities by Finland and other countries have been successful. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will open a webpage under the name “100 results in development cooperation” concurrently with the quiz. In the course of the year, a hundred results in development cooperation activities will be reported on that website.

The first 12 results tell, for example, about how more than four million people in Ethiopia have got access to clean water and proper toilets thanks to Finland's support; about a Kenyan pharmaceutical plant that produces over two billion tablets a year; and about girls who are spared from female genital mutilation in several countries. The results also illustrate the fact that the number of people living in extreme poverty decreased from 47 per cent to 14 per cent in 1990–2015.

More news about successful development activities will be released every week in future. The news can be found at

Both the quiz and the material on the results will be in Finnish.

Inquiries: Milma Kettunen, Content and Communications Specialist, Unit for Development Communications, tel. +358 50 406 5533.

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